The Importance of Psychological Safety in Team Coaching

Published: 11th February, 2021

We can all probably relate to having experienced low psychological safety at some point within a team or a group - that immediate feeling of being unable to speak up with ideas, questions or concerns due to a fear of ridicule or hurt or being embarrassed.  This short article by Colm Murphy and Tammy Turner sets out what psychological safety is and is not, its importance and relationship to team effectiveness and in turn, to team coaching.

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5 lessons from the Ryder Cup - getting a group of individual experts to team.

Published: 28th September, 2016

Coaching a sales leader this week, the conversation turned to how he could get more out of his sales team, each of whom is a country manager for a different European country.  While recognising that they were focused on their own country, he wanted his team to think about the collecitve regional target.

The Ryder cup this weekend involves 24 multi-millionaires who spend their careers trying to beat each other in pursuit of personal glory and fortune.  And yet, every 2 years they divide into two teams, play for free and talk and act as if it really is one of the biggest occassions of their careers.

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J is for Contemplation

Published: 13th January, 2015

Since the New Year has started we have been bombarded with media coverage about resolutions, goal setting and finding the new detoxed version of oneself.

Never mind the previous 11 equally suitable months we are told - it's January and you need to not only have a life changing plan but you better be acting upon it - so pay the annual subscription to the gym, swear off chocolate and alcohol forever and invite that mad spinster aunt you never visit over for Sunday lunch quick.

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Ready to health check your team?

Published: 9th August, 2014

Most of us get our car checked once a year; we should be getting our bodies checked every few years;  and more and more leaders are being "encouraged" to do 360s regularly so they know how their leadership is perceived. 

So what about a health check of your team? You know, that group of people you and your organisation are relying on to do more with less.

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Televising your Team Meetings - what would the show be called?

Published: 20th August, 2013

The ideal is that Team Meetings are platforms for getting work done. A way for a group of people to deliver on their Common Endeavour, a demonstration of what they can achieve together as opposed to separately. Performing is key.

Everyone is engaged, excited to be there, stretched, challenged and challenging.

Yeah right!

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In or Out of the Swimming Pool

Published: 31st May, 2013

We have been trying the find the right swimming class for our young boys  - a class where they will obviously learn, have fun and of course be safe.

And after trying out a number of options and talking to other parents, a key differentiator has emerged and it is this - does the instructor get into the pool or not.

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