Leadership Development

Leadership 360 Survey & Workshop

Research with thousands of leaders around the world consistently shows that great leaders make a profound difference in their organizations. The Extraordinary Leader program takes a strengths-based approach to leadership development helping organizations develop leaders who produce and accelerate positive business outcomes.  

The Extraordinary Leader focuses on the measurable impact leadership has on:

  • Turnover
  • Employee engagement and productivity
  • Customer service
  • Innovation
  • Profitability

Dynamic Leadership Development is an approved trainer of The Extraordinary Leader.

Featuring a fresh, data-driven approach to leadership development, The Extraordinary Leader program is proven and practical. It features instruments, tools, and development approaches that increase leadership effectiveness and deliver positive organizational results. Utilizing 360-degree feedback, participants learn exactly how they are currently perceived as leaders and gain a clear understanding of the positive impact they can make by improving on their strengths. 

Using an unique cross-training approach, participants create a customized, actionable development plan that builds on their strengths, passions, and the organization’s needs, providing a clear development roadmap for each leader to implement back on the job. The outcome? An extraordinary leader delivering extraordinary results.


Influence in Action

We all know Influencing is a vital skill in our global, matrix-structured and ever changing organisations.

But how good are you at Influencing in the eyes of your colleagues?

Which Influencing strategies do you tend to use or not use?

Do you have the agility to flex your style to different situations and people?

Dynamic Leadership Development, in partnership with The Influence Company, is delighted to present “Influence in Action” a full two days of real influencing work that includes:

  • Debriefing your personal 360 Feedback Survey Report that you and your selected colleagues will complete prior to the workshop
  • Exploring the 12 Behaviours behind the Assertive:Responsive Influencing Model
  • Working on a navigation plan for a real influencing situation that you are facing
  • Learning how to Influence Remotely..

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