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The importance of teaming in organisations with Colm Murph‪y‬

Colm joins host William Corless to discuss teams in organisations. The discussion highlights: The challenges teams face what is a team versus a group? Are decisions made outside of team meetings? What dynamics are at play and the importance of trust. There are many takeaways from this episode as both Colm and William share their experiences of what makes a great team and the importance of how teaming impacts the organisation.

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Helping ourselves and others change

Watch this webinar where Colm shares research and insights on self-change during this period of global change.


​​Podcast - Coaching Teams to Increase Team Effectiveness and Diffuse Organisational Learning

How does team coaching contribute to team effectiveness and the diffusion of organisational learning? What is the state of research on team coaching? How can team coaches leverage research to inform practice? Tune in to our episode of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast to explore these fundamental questions that strike at the heart of the efficacy of team coaching.


In Profile:  Colm Murphy in conversation with UCD for UCD Business Alumni Publication

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Watch Colm Murphy discuss Team Coaching in these two minute videos

The Dynamics of Team Coaching.

The challenges of coaching a team.

Do you know the difference?  Team Coaching versus Team Building.

Do you know the difference?  Individual Coaching versus Team Coaching?

What are the key skills of coaching?

How to have a coaching conversation.


The Practitioner's Handbook of Team Coaching


Edited by David Clutterbuck, Judie Gannon, Sandra Hayes, Ioanna Iordanou, Krister Lowe and Doug MacKie.

Colm Murphy and Melissa Sayer have contributed a chapter to this systematic guide to some of the fundamental issues concerning the practice of team coaching - 'Standing on the shoulders of the science of team effectiveness:  building rigour into your team coaching design'.  Purchasing details here.






Mastering Executive Coaching   


Edited by Jonathan Passmore, Brian Underhill and Marshall Goldsmith, Routledge 2019.

Colm Murphy is delighted to have co-authored a chapter in this exciting new publication, entitled "Internally resourced coaching', with David Clutterbuck (co-founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council).  Available to purchase here.








Why top dogs may baulk at the lead.

The traits that can propel a worker to individual success may not be compatible with a managerial role.

Read our contribution to this Sunday Times article (March 11th 2018) by Grainne Rothery here.