Our Partners

Dynamic Leadership Development is proud to be a partner of the following world class organisations:

Zenger Folkman

Recognised by Trainingindustry.com as one of the Top 20 Leadership Organisations, Zenger Folkman have lead the way in focusing their leadership development on effective leaders focusing on their strengths rather than fixing weaknesses.

Zenger Folkman have used their extensive research to determine what separates Extraordinary Leaders from all the rest.

Dynamic Leadership Development offers The Extraordinary Leader program and 360 tool in conjunction with Zenger Folkman.


UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School - Smurfit Executive Development

UCD Smurfit Executive Development offers a wide range of open enrolment and customised courses. These courses are designed for organisations, business professionals, managers, leaders, and executives from many different functions who strive for professional and personal growth. The courses are developed to help executives and organisations from both the private and the public sectors achieve operational excellence and results. 

Colm Murphy is delighted to be Head of Coaching Programmes at UCD Michael Smurft Graduate Business School.


Global Team Coaching Institute

The Gobal Team Coaching Institute (GTCI ) by WBECS  was founded by Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck and is the world’s first educational hub dedicated to Team Coaching. It is where the world’s foremost team coaching experts come to teach, where coaches come to become the best and where organisations come to find the best coaches in team leadership. Colm Murphy is proud to be a faculty member of this pioneering global institute.


The Rocket Model

Developed by Drs Gordon Curphy and Robert Hogan, the Rocket Model™ is a practical, research based framework and set of tools for building high performance teams. It can be used to diagnose team dynamics, and to provide leaders with specific tools and activities to improve team performance.

We are Ireland and the UK's only licenced administrator of the Rocket Model method.



Peptalk delivers human connection in the workplace, by creating a real-world wellbeing community that  fuses dynamic data with intelligent technology to deliver transformational change.  Their focus is to help busy employees achieve their personal wellbeing goals by making small daily changes and layering them over time.  

Dynamic Leadership Development is delighted to be an associate of PepTalk.


Oxford Leadership

Oxford Leadership is a global leadership consultancy comprised of coaches, consultants and facilitators that help CEOs and Management Teams execute strategy, accelerate performance, master change, and make consistently good choices, faster, and together – often in complex and globally dispersed teams and organisations.

Colm Murphy is proud to be a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Hazell & Collins

For more than four decades, HCA has delivered high-quality and relationship-driven services to a growing portfolio of blue-chip, innovative and fast-growing clients. HCA is sought-after as an outcomes focused strategic partner known for its innovative and bespoke approach to leadership and career strategy. HCA empowers their clients to inspire others to take positive action towards a compelling future vision.

Colm Murphy is delighted to be an Associate of Hazell & Collins.