Team Performance

Teams should outperform individuals acting alone but too often the full potential and performance of teams are not maximised due to factors such as a lack of common purpose, lack of common accountability, lack of trust and a lack of utilisation of the complementary skills existing in the team.

One often sees more examples of dysfunctional teams that of high performing teams in organisations.

Dynamic Leadership Development offers a number of complimentary tools and process to help teams maximise their performance and value to organisations.


The “Success Plan” workshop

Does your team understand its vision, mission, and key goals?  Do they know the key tactics they should focus on to achieve their goals and are these tactics tracked and reviewed on a regular basis?

What are the values of the team – the beliefs that underlie how things are done?

This one day workshop gets all the team involved and engaged in answering the above key questions for any team so that their hearts and minds are immersed in the success of the team.

The workshop is built around an easy to use and easy to remember “Success Plan” Template that the participants will be able to refer to over and over again as they track the success of their plans as a team.

The “Success Plan” requires the creation of a Vision and a Mission, as well as Goals, Tactics and Measurements around the four core areas of Business Results, Customers, Employees and Operational Excellence.

The program is highly interactive, with participants working as a team and in small groups to discuss and complete each of the sections of the “Success Plan”

The workshop is just the start of the journey – working with the team, Dynamic Leadership Development helps produce a process for continual tracking, review and communication of the “Success Plan” goals.