WBECS Global Team Coaching Institute


Unlock team coaching skills necessary to succeed in 2020 and beyond.

Colm Murphy is delighted to be a partner for the new Global Team Coaching Institute.

You can be a part of the historic first class of the Global Team Coaching Institute - THE global destination for team coaching! Join Co-founders Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck for the FREE, LIVE Team Coaching Accelerator: Advance to the Leading Edge of Team Coaching and Team Leadership.

During this historic LIVE event, Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck will show you how to:

Embrace Team Coaching - Understand why the days of the “Heroic Leader” are over for business. Discover the essential differences between coaching individuals and coaching teams
Disrupt The Coaching Industry - Learn why the individual coaching model is losing momentum, and how to future-fit your practice with team coaching
Transform Your Coaching Practice - Build your skills to support the new world of team leadership. PLUS Uncover the biggest mistakes coaches and leaders make with teams
Coach More Systemically - Facilitate teams to work with each other and every stakeholder across the organization
Empower Teams - Enable teams to navigate the challenges of today’s hyper-complex and fast-changing world
Optimize Leadership And Development - Cut through the limits to organizational development imposed by individual coaching
Coach Connections - Learn how to go beyond individuals within teams and teams as a whole to begin coaching connections between parts and people
Stay Relevant - Future-proof your coaching practice and the organizations you work with by fostering 21st-century collective leadership


*Space is Limited* Secure your complimentary seat today: https://coach.wbecs.com/gateway/a181737